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cracked crab opening crab

How To Clean, Open and Crack Cooked Crab (video)

Learn how to clean, open and crack cooked crab (video included)! This is everything you need to know about cooked crab. Whether you have crab legs, crab sections, or an entire cooked crab, you will learn: how to open a crab, what tools you need, every step to cracking crab legs, and how to store […]

9 Mediterranean Fish Recipes & Seafood Dishes

Mediterranean Fish Recipes & Seafood Dishes that are the best sea to table experience. Fish is important in a Mediterranean diet, and fresh caught is always best. Growing up in Lebanon, where fresh fish dishes are a large part of dining out or having special meals with the family in celebration are cherished. Just like […]

11 of the best seafood dishes for the holidays | collage of bacon wrapped fish, seafood boil and beer steamed mussels

11 of our Favorite Seafood Recipes For The Holidays

Whether you’re looking for a total seafood Thanksgiving, Seafood Christmas Dinner, or seafood recipes for New Year’s, you’re in luck! And, what better way to start your holiday season than by looking forward to these seafood dishes to share with your loved ones! If you’re anything like me, you immediately turn when you hear the […]

12 of the best gifts for seafood lovers

Top 12 of The Best Gifts For Seafood Lovers

Here is our list for the Top 12 of The Best Gifts For Seafood Lovers that are a blend of unique, useful, upgrades, and bucket list experiences! Gifts are an extremely personal and special statement, so, with this list you can choose a unique, memorable and thoughtful gifts that your family and friends will enjoy. […]

How to Dig Clams – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

The ULTIMATE HOW TO DIG CLAMS GUIDE for steamer clams, butter clams, cockle clams, manila and other clam varieties. You will find everything from How to Dig, to How to Clean and What to wear for adults and for kids!
Steamer clams, butter clams, cockle clams, manila clams and little neck clams.

All your questions on how to dig Clams will be answered here.
How do I dig my own clams?
How deep do you have to dig to find clams?
How to clean steamer clams
How to clean clams

Gear: The Best Gear For Razor Clamming (Part 3)

Part 3 of 5 series on How to Dig Razor Clams. Answering all gear questions for razor clam diggers; the must-haves, the best gear for kids and adults, what you need for razor clamming at night, the best clamming tool, best clam shovel and types of clam guns, and so much more!

The Easiest Way to Cook Crab

If you’re cooking crab for the first time or you need a refresh, then this is for you! Cooking crab is so easy and so rewarding. The taste of fresh crab is unbeatable! Cook whole live crab using this recipe! Since we live on the Pacific coast, we love our Dungeness crab! We love being […]