Aside from my blog, I’m a wife, and a mom to three kiddos – one with various disabilities. We are loving our life on the Pacific Coast, where we landed after leaving our big city house behind, and at first, moved here on a temporary basis. Little did we know, we were going to absolutely fall in love with everything about living near the ocean.

We enjoy everything from fishing, clamming, crabbing, ocean-front picnics, daily drives on the beach, and cooking the best seafood dishes following our catch of the day!


I was born and raised in Lebanon, and have a strong Lebanese / Mediterranean upbringing. Which means, you will expect a ton of traditional and some modernized Mediterranean recipes that my family loves. A Mediterranean diet is a staple in my home, and though I rarely cook the same meal multiple times, my family’s Lebanese dishes are the exception. What better way to tie my culture to our current life on the coast than by enjoying the best and most fresh ocean-to-table meals for my entire family to enjoy, and bringing you along on our journey. 


 My husband and I have always shared our love for fresh seafood! When we were dating, our special date nights would typically consist of sushi. By nature, our kids developed our taste pallet and we couldn’t be more thankful!

Nowadays, our daughter can have us all beat. She typically consumes more protein than the average kid due to her doctor-prescribed keto diet to manage her epilepsy.  She has made it very clear that a seafood meal will never disappoint her. That has only motivated us to live life more fully on the coast by enjoying  clamming, crabbing and fishing as a family.