Mediterranean Fish Recipes & Seafood Dishes that are the best sea to table experience.

Fish is important in a Mediterranean diet, and fresh caught is always best. Growing up in Lebanon, where fresh fish dishes are a large part of dining out or having special meals with the family in celebration are cherished.

Just like every culture, fish and seafood dishes look completely different in the Middle East than how they would elsewhere.

In most Mediterranean fish dishes, there’s a large influence on using extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon, and fresh garlic. It’s our go-to way to add a ton of fresh burst of flavor to any dish! Plus the addition of any fresh herbs we can get our hands on. Parsley is used often to garnish seafood, however, fresh oregano can be a more popular choice in Lebanon, and surrounding countries.

I’ve collected my favorite Mediterranean-inspired fish and seafood to give you tons of ideas! Starting with how to bake a whole fish, since that’s also a very authentic way of cooking fish! Then we have my favorite way to cook steamer clams with a Mediterranean-inspired antipasto salad, then Baked Mussels with a Mediterranean Chimichurri, and of course a popular lemon-y spice often used in Lebanon on various salad, in a oyster vinaigrette. And, more!

1. Baked Whole Fish

baked whole fish recipe with lemon oil and herbs in white baking dish

Baked whole Rockfish Recipe with olive oil, lemon, garlic and thyme. A Mediterranean must!

You will be surprised how easy and delicious this baked rockfish recipe is. Definitely beginner friendly! So, run to your local fish market friends, and grab a whole rockfish to make.


2. Mediterranean Steamed Clams in White Wine Sauce

This Mediterranean Steamed Clams in White Wine Sauce is my Lebanese take on a traditional white wine steamed clam recipe. Taking fresh steamer clams, garlic, white wine, a touch of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, mini peppers, shallots, and kalamata olives cooked for just a few minutes and served alongside crusty bread. 


3. Tuna Pesto Pasta

This simple dish is a great way to incorporate a little bit of pesto – a popular Italian sauce, to an easy fish dinner. It’s topped with fresh ingredients to brighten and lighten this pasta dish!


4. Baked Mussels and Root Veggies in Mediterranean Chimichurri

cooked mussels aligned fancy on root veggies with chimichurri sauce

Baked Mussels with Root Vegetables recipe is an easy seafood sheet pan dinner that knocks it out of the park in flavor!

Tender Mussels baked in the oven, then topped with homemade Mediterranean Chimichurri sauce that’s made with cilantro, parsley, garlic, red onion, lemon, and limes.


5. Sumac Oyster Vinaigrette

Oyster Vinaigrette on half shell oyster

Oyster Vinaigrette Sauce that’s bar none! If you’re looking for a fun sauce to top your oysters on the half-shell with, you’ve got to try this Mediterranean-style mignonette with red wine vinegar, fresh garlic, a dash of olive oil, and sumac.


6. Mediterranean Salmon Cakes

gluten free salmon cake recipe

These falafel inspired salmon cakes are absolutely scrumptious with a dip in tzatziki sauce. They’re full of salmon, Middle Eastern spices, and aromatics in every bite! Made using Alaska Gold Seafood’s canned salmon. The link below will take you directly to their recipe.


7. Rosemary Parmesan Crusted Fish

Fish crusted with parmesan rosemary recipe, crusted fish with sliced lemons rosemary on a baking sheet

This Crusted Fish is bursting with flavor and crunch and comes together so fast and easy, where the oven does most of the heavy lifting.  That’s my kind of recipe! Though it’s not always traditional to include cheese in seafood, in Mediterranean-cuisine, most countries don’t have any problems with elevating a dish using cheese!


8. Crab Omelet with Toum (Lebanese Garlic Sauce)

crab leg on crab omelette with roasted veggies on the side

Crab Omelet recipe is packed with fresh crab meat, cheese, green onion, and basil. Topped with my absolute favorite condiment – Toum, which is a creamy Lebanese garlic sauce. 


9. Italian-inspired Mussel Soup

mussel soup italian style with gnocchi roasted red pepper sauce and basil

This creamy Mussel Soup is made Italian-style – with gnocchi, roasted red pepper sauce and torn fresh basil.

It’s a simple Seafood Gnocchi dish is a cozy, inviting meal that draws you in with more with fresh mussels cooked in a creamy red pepper sauce, and finished off with freshly grated cheese and fresh basil. Get your soup bowls ready!


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