Here are my top 10 Family-Friendly Things to do on Washington Coast, from a coastal family!

Living on the coast, our family has our fair share of fun things to do on Washington coast beaches. We have been finding ourselves busier than ever with outdoor activities and getting into the most adventurous things spontaneously!  

The most beautiful thing is ending up at the same beach two days in a row and walking away with two new activities that we experienced. Seeing the beach from a completely different point of view teaches our little ones (and us for that matter) how to Make the Most of The Coast so effortlessly by enjoying the little things in life. Not to mention all the fun we get into digging our dinner during Washington Razor Clam season! You can too, using our How to Razor Clam Guides!

 Living on the coast, we learned many lessons, but one of them being that we don’t have to put on a big production and try so hard when gorgeous nature is our landscape. Now that’s the best way to step into any vacation!

Ocean sunsets are a perfect way to end your vacation filled with Family Friendly Things to do on Washington Coast

Our family absolutely loves everything Washington’s coast has to offer! These activities can be enjoyed anywhere on the coast and will be sure to make lasting precious memories!

If you’re seeking a family-friendly trip, you can rest assured that you won’t run out of things to do on Washington coast. Fun family activities in the PNW are what we’re all about. 

There are so many things to do on Washington Coast, but here are our 10 favorites!

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1. Play in Tide Pools

Tide pools are either full of sea treasures or the perfect warm pool for kids to splash in. Thankfully, kids really enjoy every type of tide pool, and is one of their favorite things to do on Washington coast! 

Our 4-year-old could sit in a tide pool and splash for hours! Because of her sensory disorder, being at the beach is everything she wants and needs to fulfill her sensory needs! She loves nothing more than a natural-made pool to play in while listening to the ocean waves and feeling the wind blowing her hair. Sensory overload, in every good way possible. 

If you want to find tons of sea creatures, head out to the coast on a low tide (-1.5 feet or less) and look around for the deeper tide pools. You will find various sea creatures such as starfish, sea snails, and more… so be on the lookout when you’re hunting down your perfect tide pool!

2. Look for Sea Creatures  

Hermit crab found on Washington coast beaches.

There is so many different types of sea life on all Washington Coast beaches that draw us in for more adventure. A few of our favorite places to look are around rocks or big objects, and of course, tide pools.

One of our favorite Washington coast beaches to find sea creatures is Damon Point beach or Westport marina. We could spend days looking around for starfish, crabs, and other fun creatures. So, head out there and look around to see what you can find.

How many purple starfish can you find? Comment below!

Here’s a short list of what we find on a regular basis – sea stars, small rock crab, sea snails, hermit crabs, and more! Be mindful of crabs pinching! 

3. Build Sand Castles

Playing in the sand is an absolute must on the coast. Our Washington beaches with sand of every kind, soft sand, hard sand, and both are a must for kids building creativity. For the older kids, creating a friendly competition is always a fun twist to traditional sand castle fun. So, change it up and create a healthy competition to get everyone involved.

So don’t forget to bring all your sand castle tools, you’ll need at least a bucket and a little shovel. A great tip is to keep a jug or two of water in your car to rinse off all the sand if you don’t want to completely submerge in the cold ocean waters.  

Here’s a good kit for kids!

4. Dig for Razor Clams – An absolute must for top Family-Friendly Things to do on Washington Coast!

If you’ve tried razor clamming in the past, you know why this falls on my top 10 Family-Friendly Things to do on Washington Coast. It is an amazing experience for the family! Read more!

Our toddler loves nothing more than digging in the sand to grab a razor clam. He watched our process the first few times during razor clam season, then one day he noticed a razor clam show and dug and pulled out his own razor clam shouting “mom look wazor cwam”. Yes, I was shocked a toddler was capable of doing that himself, but 1000% proud! 

Razor clam season brings thousands of clam diggers to Washington state coast beaches every year. Razor clamming beaches are listed on our Razor Clam guide. It’s one of the best and most rewarding family-friendly activities to enjoy on the coast. The best part is you’re having a blast, and digging dinner! 

Razor Clamming in Washington is a great way to teach your kids where food comes from. Mine know that Razor clams are food, not to play with, though they do love playing with them as well, haha. 

Check out our amazing Razor clamming guide, with all the information you need for kids to join in on the fun. The season is typically Fall through Spring. 

This is one of the best clam guns!

5. Beach Comb for Treasures

Washington state beaches are full of shells, rocks, sand dollars, and more that make great souvenirs, art projects, and decor around your own. So, grab a bucket and start beachcombing Washington state’s sandy beaches looking for your own fun treasures. 

When we head out to the beach, as part of our semi-daily routine (I know, I know, we’re so blessed!) one of our kids runs straight to the goodies! He grabs every single rock and shell he lays his eyes on and puts them in his beach bucket. 

He absolutely loves beach combing and collecting every treasure he can find. It’s fun for me to sit back and watch what he’s after, or how much he’s going to fill his bucket before dumping it and starting fresh.

A scavenger hunt would be so fun for kids and adults alike! Beach combing Washington’s coast is fun for all!

6. Fly Kites

Flying a kite is one of the best Family Friendly Things to do on Washington Coast

Weather permitting, grab a kite or two and watch them soaring high as you relax at the ocean. It’s a great learning lesson for the kids that are old enough to learn how to fly a kite. For teenagers, buy a couple of kites and compete!

Our kids love picking a kite or two to take with us from time to time. Living on the coast, we get used to our routine of “fun” that typically consists of crabbing, clamming, beach combing, and looking for sea creatures. We often forget to try the fun touristy activities like flying a kite. 

Though the few times we have, our kids absolutely loved watching them the entire time! Our toddler chased them every time they went down and helped send them back to the sky. He asked us to fly a kite for a week straight afterward. So I’d say, this is a highly recommended as one of the best Family-Friendly Things to do on Washington Coast So, fly kites Washington state coast style!

Here’s a super cool Octopus Kites (3 pack) you would enjoy flying on washington’s coast!

7. BBQ or Picnic is a must for family friendly things to do on washington coast

Oceanfront picnic as fancy or casual as you would like it is one of the best Family Friendly Things to do on Washington Coast

Having an oceanfront meal never gets old. It’s fun, relaxing, and such a fun experience for the entire family. We have the absolute best time with our kids when we head to the beach for a casual picnic on a weekly basis. 

If you have the time to go all out then bring a small bbq, hot dogs, salads, chips, and drinks. 

Raining? No problem! Park in a way where everyone in the car has a good view of the ocean and enjoy the meal from your car. That’s our protocol during the winter and we have such a good time. We continue our weekly picnics even in the winter!

If you would like a picnic kit, here’s a good one on Amazon!

8. Watch the Gorgeous Ocean Sunset

If you’ve never seen an oceanfront sunset, then you’re missing out big time! It’s one of the most jaw-dropping sights, and that’s a big statement from the many travels I’ve done.

There are very few things out there that are better than relaxing to a colorful sky as you watch the sun inch its way past the horizon, as it creates more and more color beaming into the sky. It’s the best way to end a Washington Coast beach vacation and leave on a much-needed relaxed note. 

Ocean sunsets are one of the best things about living on the coast, aside from fresh seafood that is! Every night brings its own set of colors, some bold, some pastel, some with little to no color. They’re all so beautiful and 100% a must-see to end your family-friendly Things to do on Washington Coast

9. Skimboard

Grab a skimboard and run to the beach! 

Skimboarding is a great water sport for kids to try out. Especially kids that have outgrown the sand castle phase (though I think it’s fun for all ages).

 My husband showed our toddler the ropes on a skimboard recently, and though our little man is not going to take it up as a hobby anytime soon, they had so much fun! 

To skimboard, you’ll need to look for a  shallow pool or a river on the beach, bring a skimboard and get to skimming! Chances are, you’ll fall at least once, but get back up and keep trying it. That’s the nature of it after all. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and go further and faster. 

Skimboards are fun to look for in person, but here are a good option if you prefer to purchase online.

10. Head over to Seabrook for a Couple of Hours

Seabrook is a must-see little town on Washington’s coast. If you’ve never been there, it’s a quaint town, with relatively newly built homes, with the cutest town center. We love heading out there to grab a little treat for the kids at the candy shop and walk around the town. It’s one of the most peaceful places to walk and the entire town is so fun to stroll. 

Seabrook also has great places to get a bite to eat, enjoy an ice cream, or get a glass of your favorite wine or beer.  If you have little ones, be sure to check out their toy store for a fun beach-themed souvenir. 

Tried any of our recommended activities?
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