Everything you need to know about Washington state clamming licenses.

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Washington state requires you to hold a license for clamming within the state. This is the case for razor clam digging as well as harvesting steamer, little neck or other clams in Washington. Though razor clam season is in full swing in the fall, winter and spring, your license starts the day you purchase it and expires March 31st the following year.

Know Before You Go!

You must carry your license on you when clamming, crabbing or fishing. So, be sure not to leave it at home or in your car.

What Types of Fishing and Shellfish Licenses are There?

There are various types of licenses that you can choose from depending on what other fishing you want to enjoy. Whether you are fishing in salt water, fresh water, going pacific razor clam digging, or catching Dungeness crab in the ocean vs. the Puget Sound, Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife offers specific or combo licenses.

Another thing to keep in mind is you have the option to purchase a temporary 3-day license for fishing and razor clam digging. This is a great option if you’d like to try razor clam digging for the first time and aren’t sure if you will proceed with this rewarding sport.

When Does a Fishing or Clamming License Expire? 

All Washington fishing licenses expire and must be renewed at the same time every year. All Washington state fishing licenses must be renewed on April 1st of every year, regardless of when they are purchased.

Where Can I Get a License for Clamming in Washington State?

There are a few options! You can easily walk into most grocery stores and sporting good stores and purchase your Washington clamming and fishing license. This is the easiest way to bundle a grocery trip with your annual shellfish license renewal. You can also buy your license directly from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife website. This is a great way to easily renew the following year. 

Can I Get a License if I Don’t Live in Washington?

Washington state clamming license, as well as Washington state fishing license are not only for residents. Though rates may vary for non-residents, you are still able to enjoy fishing and clamming season in Washington if you are not a resident.

Which License for Clamming in Washington?

Cost from left to right, resident 16-69 years, non-resident, senior resident 70+, youth 15 years.

Annual Razor Clam License: $14.10, $21.80, $14.10, must purchase combo (cost can vary)

3-day Razor Clam License: $9.70 for everyone (cost can vary)

As you see above, there isn’t a huge cost difference between the 3-day license and the annual. So choosing which license to purchase will depend on how often you are planning on razor clamming. Otherwise, since this license is very limiting, you also have the option for a Shellfish License.

A Shellfish license allows you to harvest other clams, including crab on the coast (not Puget Sound Crabbing, as that will be a separate license).

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