Part 5 of 6 series on How to Dig Razor Clams

A full guide to how to store your razor clams this razor clam season, and everything you need to know post-clamming; both at the beach and at home. 

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Kudos to a successful dig! Be sure take a picture of your razor clams and send it to us!

Hang on to the thrill you are feeling after successfully digging razor clams, and keep that excitement going for the clean up process! It’s important to know that once you go clamming, it doesn’t just end there. You have the great responsibility of getting yourself, the car, your gear and your razor clams cleaned up. We have become accustomed to this lifestyle over the last year, and it’s no longer a chore, but a way of life. You clam, you clean; the car, the gear, the clams, etc. We did make our process much easier when it comes to our car to cut down on one step of the process. We wanted to focus more on fun and actually getting out of the house, than spending more time in the house cleaning afterwards. So, let’s dive into what our process is and answer some post-clamming questions.

What To Do At The Beach

razor clam gun and a net of razor clams on sand at the beach

The first thing we do before leaving the beach is quickly rinse the razor clams in sea water. This small step makes it much easier to clean the razor clams later. When we get to the car, we put the razor clam into a 5 gallon bucket with a lid (no spillage!). Next, we remove all of our gear, placing it in a waterproof bag or bin, and we place our shovels and/or clam guns onto a dry towel. All of this makes for quick cleanup when we arrive back home. These simple steps have helped us tremendously in cutting down the clean-up time post-clamming. I’m all for more time having fun, and less time on the tedious stuff!

We go over the products you need, and why, in our article EVERYTHING You Need For Razor Clam Season, under the section: Gear for Your Car.

What To Do When You Bring Your Razor Clams Home

razor clams in shells in sink

Once you get home after the thrill of the hunt, you don’t have to rush off to clean your razor clams! You can actually store razor clams up to 4 days prior to cleaning. I wish I knew that years ago. We frequently store them overnight or from morning to the end of the day, depending on what our schedule looks like.

 It has been so beneficial to safely store the razor clams while we work, or attend to our kids for the day, then we have a power hour session of cleaning them in the evening when our kids are in bed.

Whether you would like to store your razor clams to be cleaned later, or clean your clams right away, know that you have options to do so safely. If you want to become a regular, pacing yourself and having a routine would be wise. This may not apply to those who make this a big event with family and friends, if this is you, head over to our cleaning Razor clam section to get started!

We have such a rock solid cleaning process now that has cut our time on cleaning quite a bit. 

An important tip if you have a clam shovel: It’s important to wax your wooden clam shovel handle between each use. Taking the extra time to wax your shovel ensures it will stay in great shape and prevents drying and cracking.

razor clams full of sand on the beach

How Long Do Razor Clams Last After Digging Them?

This majorly depends on how you’re storing them and when you want to clean them. Razor clams are pretty hardy and can last anywhere from several hours to 4 days after digging. I’ve thoroughly outlined each scenario and the process for you to choose your ideal storing time.

How To Store Razor Clams For a Few Hours

This is how you can go Razor Clamming then head to work after!

This process is especially beneficial for morning razor clam tides. If you simply need a few hours, then all you need is a cooler. 

Process: You simply place your razor clams in the cooler, without* adding water, and they can store for a few hours. 

*Adding water can actually drown the razor clams.  

How To Store Razor Clams Overnight

After a fun razor clam dig many rush home to clean and cook razor clams right away, to best enjoy them. However, if you run out of time that day, then not to worry, there is a way to store razor clams safely to be cleaned later.  You will need a cooler and a bag of ice. 

Process: Place a bag of ice at the bottom of a cooler then your razor clams on top. Be sure to not* add water. 

*Adding water can actually drown the razor clams.

We work hard on gathering all the information you need and answer all your questions so you can make the most of your time on the coast!

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