An easy Spicy Mango Margarita that’s perfect for any season!

Made with these 4 simple ingredients; tequila, mango nectar, lime, and jalapenos. Serve this mango margarita over the rocks with a Tajin coated rim that seals the deal!

This sweet and spicy margarita is an absolute must-try for a drink for two, or a large crowd.

Mango Margarita on the rocks with jalapeno and tajin on the rim of the glass

Like most of the recipes on my blog, it’s another original recipe that we whipped up because of our darn cravings! I’ve been on the hunt for a Mango Margarita on the rocks, so much so, that I went out of my way to try a spicy pineapple marg that was slightly disappointing.

So, that night after the kids went to bed, my husband whipped up this drink for me and after making it a couple different ways, I was hooked on this version. It’s the spicy margarita recipe of my dreams, and hope it’s for you as well.

If you enjoy a slightly spicy, but not over the top drink, then this is definitely your drink. If you prefer it to be extremely spicy, then dare add another slice of jalapeno to the mix!

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What does a jalapeno margarita taste like?

This drink has a little kick without being too overpowering. It’s a sweet, spicy, and fruity margarita. Just what you need on a Friday night, or Sunday afternoon!

How to make a margarita spicy?

To make spicy, pour your drink with a couple slices of jalapenos (seeds and all) in a cocktail shaker and shake for 20 seconds. That’s all, no blending needed! This spicy margarita is so easy and so good!

spicy mango margarita with jalapeno and tajin rim

Spicy Mango Margarita Ingredients

It’s quite easy to whip up this spicy margarita, and compared to other spicy drinks, it’s more on the mild side. So, add another slice of jalapeno if you dare!

You’ll need a Cocktail Shaker and these ingredients:

  • Mango nectar.
  • Tequila.
  • Lime, juiced.
  • Jalapeno. Cleaned and cut with seeds and all.

To coat the rim of the glass, you’ll need:

  • Tajin.
  • Granulated sugar.
  • Lime juice.
  • Jalapeno slice. I use the slice of jalapeno reserved from the drink.

Get your cocktail shaker here!

How To Make Spicy Margaritas

This drink is as simple as it gets.

You’ll need to coat the rim, add the mango nectar, tequila, lime, and jalapenos to a cocktail shaker, shake and serve over ice. Easy and SO darn good!

Since this a mango margarita on the rocks, if you want blended you may need to double the recipe and blend with ice.

What Pairs Well With this Spicy Mango Margarita

I like pairing this spicy margarita with almost all seafood, and anything grilled! As far as what season to enjoy this drink, since this is a mango nectar recipe, any season will do. It’s especially good for a new year’s drink, and during the spring and summer months.

Here are my favorite recipes to go with mango margarita on the rocks:

  • Easy Crab Boil. Serve an easy feast and this easy spicy drink to go along!
  • Crab Rangoon. This is a crunchy, creamy crab appetizer that makes for a great pairing with this spicy margarita!
  • Crab Tacos. You can’t go wrong with tacos and margaritas, especially when they’re seafood tacos!
  • Charcuterie. Put together a beautiful charcuterie board and enjoy your spicy margaritas alongside. Lucky you!

spicy mango margarita with jalapeno on the rocks with tajin rim and jalapeno garnish

Spicy Mango Margarita

Spicy, Sweet and Spiked! This simple mango jalapeno margarita is so good and so easy to make, using just 4 ingredients and 5 minutes of your time! Serve this Spicy Mango Margarita over the rocks.
This drink pairs well with a wide variety of dishes, especially seafood!
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Total Time 5 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 2 servings



  • 8 oz mango nectar 1 cup
  • 4 oz tequila
  • 1 lime squeezed
  • 4 slices jalapeno with seeds
  • Ice


  • 2 tbsp tajin
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 2 slices jalapeno reserved from the drink
  • lime enough to wet the rim


  • To coat the rim of the glass, mix tajin and sugar in a small plate or bowl.
  • Wet the rim of the glass in lime juice, then gently dip it in the tajin mixture until the rim is coated.
  • In a cocktail shaker add ice and all of the drink ingredients, and shake for 20 seconds.
  • Fill the glass with ice and pour the drink. Garnish with a slice of jalapeño to serve.
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